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Safety in the oil and gas industry
Topic 1
General Requirements
Responsibilities of HIF operators. Procedures. Types of emergencies. Requirements for drilling lines. Requirements for technical devices used at HIF. Requirements for facilities, workplaces, equipment, and other technical devices. Working environmental, employee training and certification requirements. Requirements for electric equipment use at HIF. Requirements for work places and personal protective equipment. Requirements for chemicals storage at HIF.
Topic 2
Requirements for Work during Production, Collection, and Processing of Oil, Gas, and Gas Condensate
Requirements for companies that operate hazardous industrial facilities. Requirements for the operation of hazardous industrial facilities, technical devices, tanks, and field pipelines. Operation of flow and gas lift wells. Well operation with sucker rod pumps. Well operation with centrifuge, membrane, and screw submersible electric pumps. Well operation with hydraulic piston and jet pumps. Operation of injection wells. - Increase in oil yield in reservoirs and improvement of well performance. Chemicals injection. Carbon dioxide injection. Thermal treatment. Treatment with hot oil products. Treatment with bottom-hole electric heaters. Thermal-gas-chemical treatment.
Topic 3
General Requirements for Operation of Facilities Used for Oil and Gas Collection, Processing, Storage, and Transportation
General provisions. Installations and equipment for collection and processing of oil, gas, and condensate. Gas processing units (GPU). Pumping equipment. Compressor equipment. Field pipelines. Gantries. Tanks.
Topic 4
Requirements for Preventive Maintenance and Repair of Equipment, Vessels, and Tanks
Preventive maintenance and repair of equipment. Issuance of work orders for confined space. General safety rules during repair of vessels, tanks, and equipment. Pump repair. Electric dehydrator repair. Process pipeline repair. Blinding. Safety requirements during well workover and rebuild. Work performance.